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Want Control Over Your Dreams? Try Gaming.

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Have you ever realized you were dreaming while you were dreaming? If so, you’ve had a lucid dream.

Well, if you liked the experience, or if you’re interested in having more, you might want to check out this story in the Verge, which reports on research by Dr. Jayne Gackenbach of MacEwan University in Alberta. Her findings? Gamers are more likely to have regular lucid dreams than non-gamers. Read More

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6 Books That Should Be Video Games

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When you think about it, not too many books have been made into video games. Sure, there are a number of Alice in Wonderland games, and the independently produced The Great Gatsby  flash game earned a brief spot in the limelight after going viral a couple of years ago. And let’s not forget the successful Nancy Drew video game series by Her Interactive, which is produced in our neighbor city of Bellevue, Washington. Read More

Trinket Studios

Trinket Studios Profile

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Trinket Studios is a independent developer that, since 2012, has made two of the most interesting, colorful mobile games we’ve seen (Color Sheep and Orion’s Forge—check them out now!). Now they’re diving into PC and console games with the upcoming Battle Chef Brigade—a magical cooking game with a dose of monster-slaying and Iron Chef-style competition.

It is slated for release in 2014, and we’ve already written about how excited we are. The studio itself has a superhero-worthy origin story; Tom Eastman, Eric Huang, and Ben Perez took a risk to found Trinket and make the kind of games they wanted to play.

So we reached out and asked Trinket to answer a few questions to shed some light on the studio, and what motivates them. Trinket Studios President Tom Eastman obliged.

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