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[Interview] Randy Kulman, PhD, Founder of LearningWorks for Kids

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Dr. Randy Kulman is a scientist who understands the educational value of video games and other technology. He founded a company called LearningWorks for Kids, “an online platform for informing and instructing parents on how to enrich and enhance their kids’ digital play time.” Dr. Kulman thinks that video games can help kids learn—especially those kids who are alternative learners. In between running a company, doing research, writing books (“Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions” and “Playing Smarter in a Digital World”), consulting, and participating in our advisory panel, Dr. Kulman found time to answer our questions about video games and learning. Read More

6 Unique Games To Spark Holiday Spirit

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The chill of winter has settled in once again, which means the holidays are not far off! For a lot of excited young gamers in households across the country, the waning days of December provide a welcome ramp-up to the upcoming thrill of opening presents and enjoying the winter break.

Of course, the holidays can also mean much more, too—a time to visit loved ones and reconnect with family, a time to frolic in the crisp air and new snowfall with pets and pals, and a time to dig into delicious foods and tasty seasonal treats. With that broad range of pleasant festivities in mind, here are six unique games to help get you in the holiday spirit! Read More

Top 5 Motion Games for Holiday Family Play (With Marilyn McKenna)

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What does your family do together during those holiday get-togethers? Besides eat? My family might take a walk around the neighborhood, put a puzzle together, or play a board game. But in recent years we’ve added video games to pre- and post-dinner rituals. There’s usually a little Mario Kart or Mario Party, and sometimes we try other games. This year, I hope to get everyone up off the couch with some of these motion games. Here are our Top 5. And thanks to fitness expert Marilyn McKenna for helping us test three of these. Read More