Six Downloadable PlayStation 4 Games to Play with the Family

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There are dozens upon dozens of games available to download for the PlayStation 4. This includes many digital exclusives that are much cheaper than their disc-based counterparts. We’ve gone through our favorites and picked six downloadable PlayStation 4 games under $20. All of these games are family-appropriate and designed for two or more players. Some let you work together, while others create competitive scenarios that families can enjoy together. Whatever the case, these games will get you playing together in a hurry without huge expense. Read More

making games together

Making Games Together Brings a Couple Closer

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Game development is hard. Independent game development can be, in many ways, much harder. Add in the fact that your business partner is also your spouse and you’ve got a whole other set of challenges. Luckily for the husband and wife duo of Michael and Lisa Migliacio that makes up Intropy Games, their passion for games is a shared interest. Not only are they making games together, but they’re becoming closer and learning more about each other in the process.

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Game Culture

Four Cool Ways Video Games Bring Us Together

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We spend a lot of time at Pixelkin—and in gaming communities in general—talking about how games bring us together. Co-op and online multiplayer features are often touted as “proof” that video games aren’t just antisocial war simulators. I think what we forget is that games bring us together in lots of different ways—gamers love to watch each other play, to bring gaming culture into real life, to create fan fiction and art, and to talk endlessly about games. Read More