Roy Graham

Roy Graham

Roy Graham is a writer, boxer and live action roleplayer based in Brooklyn. He’s interested in emergent narrative, monster love stories and wizardry


Hidden Family Gaming Gems: Spelunky

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Old wisdom holds that it isn’t the destination that matters, but the journey, and no game better embodies this attitude than Spelunky.

Spelunky is about running, jumping, and exploring your way through a mysterious cavern, taking lots of inspiration from one whip-wielding archaeologist in particular. Most games of the running-jumping ilk are obsessed with forward progression—if you miss a step and plummet to your doom, you find yourself on the edge of the same crevice as before. Joyous daredevil leaps become simple, dull repetition. Read More


Hidden Family-Gaming Gems: Magicka

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Is your copy of Super Smash Bros getting a bit worn out? Looking for a game to play with the kids that you’ll all enjoy? Well, you’re in luck. From now on, once a month I’ll be recommending games for you to play with family, friends, significant others, and rivals. I’ll be steering clear of the famous family gaming titles like those that come from Nintendo, giving you a taste of lesser known games to consider for quality time with your kids. Read More

Even Single-Player Games Can Be Played Together

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Gaming is usually thought of as a solitary hobby, one that often comes at the expense of personal relationships with others. This is couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you game with friendly rivals in Super Smash Bros. or guild mates in World of Warcraft, gaming is the most social form of media consumption there is. Even single-player games can be bonding experiences for people who choose to play them together. Read More