Meredith Bland

Meredith Bland

Meredith Bland is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Brain, Mother; Narratively; Blogher; Time; and Parentmap among others. She also writes at her humor blog, Pile of Babies.

Skylanders SWAP Force

A Skylanders Lesson From the Kids…One Mom’s Story

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I’m not much of a video game person. I enjoy them, but mostly because they are a great way to do something other than whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing. When I need to procrastinate (and this happens a lot), I’ll play some Farmville on my computer. I love Farmville because I love to-do lists: tell me I need to feed four cows, make a scarecrow, and grow 50 ears of corn during the next five days, and I am a happy camper.

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Screen Time Is Just a Normal Part of Life

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Screen time, like processed cheese, was a mainstay of my 1980’s childhood that is frowned upon by today’s parents. I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons: Thundercats, She-Ra, The Smurfs, you name it. I spent hours in the basement of my Brooklyn home on our NES, playing Legend of Zelda and Duck Hunt. We weren’t a family that sat around the table playing board games, and that was probably for the best. My mother had her hands full with three spirited daughters; giving her some breathing room was as much a matter of survival as convenience. Read More