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Megan Peters is a mother, writer, photographer, designer and blogger, based in Kansas City. Her personal lifestyle blog, Crazybananas, is a true lifestyle blog, covering just about everything from the daily bedtime stories Megan reads with her kids, unexpected adventures, technology, graphic design, photography, home makeovers, pop culture, personal style and relationships. Her writing has been featured on BlogHer, BlogHerTech, Kirtsy, Sweet Lemon Magazine, Altitude Design Summit and Design for MiniKind. Megan is a noted photographer, who enjoys depicting the beauty of real-life women and families. "The Motherhood Project" is a collection of photographs of women, which capture the strength, joy and melancholy of motherhood and all of its challenges. In 2015, "The Motherhood Project" will be featured in its first gallery show, with all the proceeds being donated to the Willow Center, a domestic violence shelter in Lawrence, Kansas, for which Megan was a children's advocate from 2001-2004. In addition, Megan is the co-creator of the NYC + KC Project, a photography experiment that is documented in a book of the same name, available for sale on

Tablets in the Classroom: Friend or Foe?

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School districts across the nation are passing resolutions and funding to add tablets, such as iPads, to school curricula. Recently, my children’s own district voted all students in third grade and above will be given iPads by the district for use in school and to take home. As a self-proclaimed tech parent, I was thrilled! I am excited to see how the teachers incorporate the iPads into their lesson plans and how this technology can help my kids learn. But I will also admit I am a little worried!

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Growing up Mobile: 4 Ways to Manage Screen Time With Small Kids

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We are a tech family. My husband owns his own IT company and I’m a writer, photographer, and blogger, so we are always on top of the newest trends in technology. We both have smart phones, touch-screen laptops and tablets, along with our desktops (both Mac and PC), and we love the convenience that comes with having solutions at our fingertips. But with small kids watching our every move, we have struggled with managing time on our mobile devices. Read More

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8 Great iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids

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How did people parent before smartphones or mobile tablets? I received my first iPhone when my daughter was about 3 years old, and having that magical little box with us on long trips or in the doctor’s waiting room has been such a lifesaver. I use the iPhone or our recently purchased iPad Mini for everything, from getting directions to meal planning. I even use it as a white-noise machine (a great white-noise machine app, here) when we’re staying in a hotel. These devices make it easy to travel light, which is quite a feat with kids in tow! Read More