Keezy Young

Keezy Young

Keezy is a gamer, illustrator, and designer. Her background is in teaching and tutoring kids from ages 9 to 19, and she's led workshops for young women in STEM. She is also holds a certificate in teaching English. Her first memory of gaming is when her dad taught her to play the first Warcraft when she was five. You can find her at Key of Zee and on Twitter @KeezyBees.

Gone Home

Gone Home Helps You Empathize with Teenage Heartbreak

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Gone Home is a first-person “story exploration” game from indie game-maker The Fullbright Company. Where many games put you in the place of the soldier, the warrior, or the hero, Gone Home takes a different tack. In this game, you are the sister.

It’s 1995. You’ve returned from a year abroad to an eerily empty house. It’s pouring down rain. There’s a note on the door from your little sister, Sam—the first of many notes—telling you not to look for her. You push the door open. Where do you go from here?

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