nindies showcase

Nintendo Nindies Showcase Reveals Indie Games Coming to Switch

During the Game Developers Conference taking place this week, Nintendo released their latest Nindies Showcase, a 10 minute Direct-like video that reveals all the indie games coming to Nintendo Switch...Read More

ghostbusters world

Ghostbusters World Is a Pokémon Go-style AR Mobile Game

During the Google Keynote at the Game Developers Conference this week, Ghostbusters World was announced for mobile devices. It’s an augmented reality game currently in development from Ghost Corps, and...Read More

shape of the world

Bring a Forest to Life by Walking in Shape of the World

Shape of the World is a first-person explorer – a much better moniker than ‘walking simulator.” Indie developer Hollow Tree Games announced that in addition to PC, Xbox One, and...Read More

ark: Survival evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved Coming to Mobile this Spring

Popular dinosaur-survival-crafting-multiplayer game ARK: Survival Evolved is heading to mobile devices. Studio Wildcard announced that mobile developer War Drum Studios is bringing the full ARK: Survival Evolved gameplay to iOS...Read More

light fall

Watch the New Story Trailer for Indie Platformer Light Fall

Indie 2D platformer Light Fall is coming later this month, and Canadian studio Bishop Games have released a new story trailer. The trailer introduces the crystalline, shadowy world of Numbra,...Read More

shadow of the tomb raider

Lara Croft Returns in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Coming this Fall

Tomb Raider fans rejoice: Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have officially announced the third title in the rebooted Tomb Raider series: Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Shadow of the Tomb...Read More

decay of logos

Zelda-like Action-RPG Decay of Logos Arriving this Fall

Rising Star Games and Portuguese developer Amplify Creations have announced a new action-RPG called Decay of Logos. It’s set to arrive on ‘all major gaming formats’ in Fall 2018. “It...Read More