Megan Fox Tweets on Kids’ MMOs. Here’s Why They Fail.

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Megan Fox (not the actress) recently published a series of very funny (albeit NSFW) tweets about her experience at Lego Universe, a now-defunct Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game for kids. (NSFW means “not safe for work.”) Lego Universe was a Minecraft-esque kids’ MMO that came out in 2011 and closed a year later. Not because it was a bad game, but because the costs of keeping an MMO kid-friendly was just too much, even for Lego. Read More

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How To Go Beyond the ESRB’s Sexual Content Descriptors

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Most parents are fairly familiar with the ESRB ratings that can be found on game boxes and elsewhere. These ratings give us an idea of what might be found in a game, including the sexual content.  But the content descriptors…well, there are a lot of them. For instance, what’s the difference between Sexual Themes, Suggestive Themes, and Mature Humor? There’s no way to know just by looking at the box. Not to worry—here’s an explanation that should help. Read More