Overwatch Teases Newest Hero with 11 Year Old Efi Oladele

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Overwatch’s fan community has taken on a life of its own – particularly when it comes to sussing out the next new hero to be released. After the agonizingly long tease and meta gaming that lead up to Sombra’s release, Blizzard has been playing its hero cards a bit closer to its chest. They just laid down their first card with a mock interview with an 11 year old tech-wiz from Numbani: Efi Oladele.

Overwatch Efi OladeleThe interview showcases Blizzard’s fun way of playing with Overwatch’s lore. Efi Oladele has won the Adawe Foundation’s Genius Grant for her work in robotics and artificial intelligence. She’s received a large sum of money and teases out her plans on what to do with it.

The biggest speculation is that Efi constructs either a D-Va style mech-tank, or an A.I. like Bastion. Whether or not Efi herself will be playable remains to be seen – but she would be awfully young compared to the adult cast of Overwatch.

Polygon provides a deep dive into the Overwatch community and the biggest fan theory – that Efi constructs a quadruped spider tank that’s seen in many of the game’s early art work. Jeff Kaplan told Polygon that Efi will play a part in the upcoming hero’s story, but the actual playable hero has not yet been announced.

To date Overwatch’s post-launch heroes have been slow to arrive but generally well-received (and free). A total of two heroes have been released since Overwatch’s launch in May 2016: Ana, a Support sniper in July 2016 and Sombra, an Offense hacker in November 2016.


Overwatch Teases New Seasonal Event Year of the Rooster

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After the big Winter Wonderland seasonal event, nobody expected Overwatch to launch into a new seasonal event so soon. The official Overwatch twitter account teased the upcoming event, which looks to be based on the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival in China) typically begins in late January or early February – the first new moon of the year. Each year is dedicated to a different animal within the Chinese Zodiac 12-year cycle. As seen in the Overwatch teaser video, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster.

The ten-second teaser video doesn’t share much information other than a date: January 24 when the even kicks off. A new Mei skin is shown in the video. Mei, the scientist armed with freezing abilities, is the game’s resident Chinese hero. The Overwatch Korean twitter account shared a slightly different teaser that featured a new D.Va skin.

Previous seasonal events have added new loot boxes with themed skins, sprays, poses, etc. Several maps are often decorated to celebrate the new event. New Arcade Modes were added in the last two events as well. In 2016 Overwatch hosted three seasonal events over about six months: Summer Games (based on the Olympics), Halloween Terror, and Winter Wonderland.