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Gaming with the Moms Episode 74: Emo Owls with Hoodies

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We were off last week, which means there’s a lot to talk about. Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch! What do we think about it? Well, we already know what Stephen thinks about it. But what does Nicole think? The voice actor strike is still going and the actors have been picketing southern California studios. Are their demands reasonable? And what are the implications for the larger development community if they are? There’s a big new update for Animal Crossing New Leaf. Valve is saying “no-no” to developers who doctor their screenshots. ThatGameCompany has given some teasers for their new game that tell us next to nothing. And GameStop hasn’t been selling as many games as they would like.
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song of the deep

Song of the Deep Review

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Available On: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The underwater portions of old 2D side-scrolling games were often the bane of every gamer’s existence. Thankfully we’ve reached a point where not only can maneuvering underwater feel right, but we can play entire games set within a vast underwater wonderland. Song of the Deep obeys the time-tested Metroidvania playbook to create a worthy adventure with a heart-warming story. Read More


Dozens of GameStops Dropping Pokémon GO Lures This Weekend

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In a press release, video game retailer GameStop revealed that “nearly 200 GameStop locations are also PokéStops and more than 30 stores double as Pokémon Gyms nationwide.” To celebrate (and take advantage of the increased traffic), GameStop will be dropping Pokémon GO lure modules onto select stores this weekend. The lures will be dropped every two hours between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm this Saturday and Sunday. Read More