Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous Coming to Retail Stores

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Frontier Developments has partnered with Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited to produce physical retail versions of Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous. Theme park manager Planet Coaster will arrive in stores on May 23 (PC only). Spaceship adventure Elite Dangerous will come later this year for Xbox One and PS4 in a new Legendary Edition.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Frontier Developments on two of the best titles created in Britain in recent years,” said Garry Williams, CEO of Sold Out Sales & Marketing. “Frontier’s creativity, passion, and quality is something we admire. We’re looking forward to working together to take these titles to retail stores around the world.”

Elite Dangerous launched back in 2014 as a PC only title, before coming to Xbox One in 2015. You start with a small spaceship and a few credits. From there you’re given the freedom to trade, kill, and explore the galaxy.  The first expansion, Horizons, released late 2015 on PC, and last Summer for Xbox One.

The Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition will include the Horizons expansion and 1000 Frontier Points as in-game currency. This version will be Elite’s first appearance on the PlayStation 4.

Planet Coaster released last Fall as the spiritual successor to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series. It’s a full theme park management simulator, and has received several free updates since launch. In my review I called it “a modern update to a classic formula.”

Creating physical boxes in a retail store can open up smaller PC games to all new audiences. “We want Frontier’s great games to be enjoyed by as many players around the world as possible,” said David Walsh, COO of Frontier. “We’re therefore delighted to be working with Sold Out on our retail presences for Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous.”

Planet Coaster hits retail on May 23. Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition will arrive later this year.

Planet Coaster Getting Free Spring Update in April

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Planet Coaster’s second major post-launch expansion is coming this Spring. Like the Winter Update in December, the Spring Update is completely free.

The Planet Coaster Spring Update adds several new rollercoaster types, new rides, and a new feature based on crime and security.

“A new danger lurks in the world of Planet Coaster,” states the press release. “Pickpockets and vandals will now operate in players’ parks. A crime-ridden park will see guests’ happiness fall along with your profits, but security guards and CCTV cameras are on hand to keep park guests safe and prevent mischief-makers from spoiling the fun.”

Here is all the new content coming with the Spring Update:

New Rollercoasters

  • Steel Hydra, a suspended swinging coaster
  • Trident, a shuttle coaster
  • Bakasura, an inverted boomerang shuttle coaster

New Tracked Rides

  • Speed Go Karts, build your own Go Karts tracks

New Rides

  • Elixir Machine, 360 degree spinning ride
  • Big Wheel, a Ferris wheel
  • ZoZo, I have no idea, but apparently it’s a classic

New Feature

  • Crime and Security, angry guests may vandalize park scenery and pickpockets will steal guests’ cash. New security staff can be hired and CCTV cameras built to monitor and prevent crime.

Expansion may be too broad a term, as these are smaller updates that add a few new rides and features. The Spring Update doesn’t seem to add nearly as much content as the Winter Update, though adding a new security element is nifty. Still, free is free! If you like theme park sims and yearn for the 90s era of theme park management, Planet Coaster fits the bill quite well (read our review).

The Planet Coaster Spring Update arrives as a free patch on April 11.