Gaming With the Moms #49: Weaponizing Toys

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Moms Nicole Tanner, Linda Breneman, and Kelly Knox, and dad Stephen Duetzmann talk about lots of video game news this week. Then we talk about what we’re playing.

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Interview: "I don't think I could ever date a non-gamer."

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Get Connected Gamer Profile 2Families aren’t just formed of parents and kids—and when it comes to gaming, the nuclear family isn’t the only type that benefits. I’ve always been interested in the way couples work gaming into their lives. We know that gaming together can improve relationships—but for millennials, who are already so wired into technology, is it just another distraction?

I asked my friends David and Elyssa to chat with me about their relationship and how gaming fits into their lives. David is a Software Development Engineer with, and Elyssa is an Assocate Producer with Cricket Moon Media. Both are in their early 20s, and both have been—well, you’ll find out how they feel about games.

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