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Bungie Promises Better Communication Amidst Destiny 2 Controversy

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Destiny 2 developer Bungie has been in full damage control-mode following a recent controversy regarding hidden XP scaling. In a lengthy blog post developers Luke Smith and Chris Barrett pledged to do better with communicating any future fixes and changes.

“Our team has been reading feedback and working on updates to improve the game. We’ve also been reading some tough criticism about our lack of communication, and we agree we need to be more open,” states the blog post. “We know it’s frustrating when there isn’t enough of a dialog with the development team. You have our commitment that we’re going to do a better job going forward.”

December will see many new improvements and fixes coming to Destiny 2, along with release of the first DLC pack Curse of Osiris, and the beginning of season two.

The blog post specifically addresses the XP controversy: “Last weekend, we disabled a scaling mechanism that adjusted XP gains up and down without reflecting those adjustments in the UI […] the silent nature of the mechanic betrayed the expectation of transparency that you have for Destiny 2.”

This XP scaling has since been disabled, but Bungie is currently looking at ways to re-balance XP, and they admit leveling is too slow for some activities.

In related Destiny 2 news, you can now play a limited version of the game for free in the Free Trial. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The first expansion, Curse of Osiris, is arriving December 5.


destiny 2

Play The Destiny 2 Beta on PC Right Now

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The Open Beta for Destiny 2 starts today, August 29. It’s open to everyone though this beta test is PC only. You’ll have to download Blizzard’s launcher if you don’t already have it. The brief open beta period is only available this week, ending August 31.

The Destiny 2 Beta includes the intro solo campaign mission, Homecoming, which introduces the explosive events seen in the trailer. There’s one cooperative strike mission, The Inverted Spire, and two competitive 4v4 crucible maps: Javelin-4 and Midtown. Javelin-4 is a Control map with zones, while Midtown features timed bombs.

Destiny 2 is the sequel to the 2014 multiplayer shooter by Halo developers Bungie. Destiny was a popular though divisive loot-based cooperative shooter. It steadily evolved over the years thanks to content patches and expansion packs. Destiny 2 marks the series first foray onto the PC.

A Digital Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order that includes the Expansion Pass and Legendary Sword and Player Emote. The Expansion Pass will provide access to two future content packs. The first arrives later this year while the second is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Destiny 2 arrives next week on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC owners will have to wait a bit longer, on October 24.