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Pokemon Sliding into Splatoon

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Splatfests are one of the great things about Splatoon. These themed events offer a cool way to play the game with lots of other people rather than the basic multiplayer. According the Splatoon tumblr, the next Splatfest will be featuring Pokemon as a way to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. And, you guessed it, those will be two teams you have to choose from in the event. Read More


Unravel Review: Beautifully Vague

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Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
We played on: PlayStation 4

Unravel, by Coldwood Interactive, is an adorable puzzle-platformer starring Yarny, a small creature made of red yarn. Yarny must traverse the wilds of northern Scandinavia to collect small mementos. Along the way, Yarny encounters perils like angry crows, harsh weather, and dangerous machinery. Read More

leonardo's cat

Leonardo’s Cat Review: There’s More Than One Way to Launch a Cat

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The newest app from StoryToys, Leonardo’s Cat, had to advertise just one thing to get me to buy it immediately: narration by Patrick Stewart. It turns out that in addition to the magnificent voiceover work you’d expect from Stewart, the game itself is an enchanting app for both parents and kids.

Your job in Leonardo’s Cat is to get the title feline, Scungilli, from point A to point B in order to fetch all of the pieces of Leonardo’s missing invention. Read More