cities: skylines

Cities: Skylines Is Now Available on PlayStation 4

City builder Cities: Skylines has arrived on PlayStation 4. Ported to PS4 by Tantalus Media and published by Paradox Interactive, Cities: Skylines PlayStation 4 Edition includes the After Dark expansion....Read More


Tactical Mech Strategy Game BattleTech Delayed to 2018

Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Harebrained Schemes announced that Battletech has been delayed to early 2018. The tactical strategy game was initially planned for release near the end of this...Read More

GOG Sale Offering $3 Mystery Game Piñatas, Deadlight for Free

PC gaming digital store GOG has unveiled a new sale called Piñata Madness. In addition to many games on sale you can purchase a piñata for $3. Instead of candy these piñatas...Read More

pax west keynote

PAX West Keynote Speaker, Panel Lineup, and Featured Exhibitors

Today, Penny Arcade representatives revealed that this year’s PAX West keynote speaker will be Luke Smith.Read More

atlas rises

No Man’s Sky Receives Major Overhaul in Update 1.3 Atlas Rises

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has been relatively quiet following the big launch and even bigger controversy surrounding their ambitious space exploration indie game. Since its release last fall,...Read More

Etrian Odyssey 5 Arrives October, Pre-Order for Art Book

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth has been given an official launch date for Nintendo 3DS in the US: October 17. Like previous games in the Etrian Odyssey series, Beyond...Read More

British esports Association

British Esports Association Finds Success in After-School Program

Not-for-profit organization The British Esports Association partnered with Westminster City Council and DinoPC for a free two-hour after-school program. The pilot program was an esports training club featuring Rocket League. The...Read More


Overwatch Summer Games Event Returns

There may not be a Summer Olympics this year but that’s not stopping Blizzard from bringing back last year’s Summer Games event in Overwatch. Until the event ends on August...Read More

arrow heads

Arrow Heads is a Family-Friendly Bow-Brawler Coming this Fall

Indie multiplayer game Arrow Heads will be joining other promising indie games at the PAX Rising section of PAX West 2017. Arrow Heads is a light-hearted, cartoony arena brawler for...Read More

graceful explosion machine

Graceful Explosion Machine Launches on PlayStation 4 and PC

Graceful Explosion Machine, an arcade shooter set in a colorful version of space, has just been released for both PC and PS4.Read More