SNES classic edition

Which 30 Games Should Be On the SNES Classic Edition?

While we patiently wait for Nintendo to confirm and announce the SNES Classic Edition retro console we can have a bit of fun speculating on which games it should include....Read More
Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda: Criticism, Cruelty, and the Shadow of the Trilogy

No other game series defined a generation as completely as Mass Effect. Developed from the ground up as a trilogy, the Mass Effect series told the story of one space-faring...Read More
Hyper Universe trailer

PAX South Preview: Hyper Universe Could Be The Next Big MOBA

Developer: Cwavesoft Platforms: PC Release: TBA Hyper Universe took up a sizable portion of the show floor at PAX South 2017. After playing the game it more than earned its prominent spot at the...Read More
indie games pax south

PAX South: 20 Great Games to Look For In 2017

PAX South 2017 hosted a large expo hall full of tabletop and video games, from wonderfully obscure indie titles to the large spectacle of the Nintendo and Capcom booths. I...Read More
Has-Been Heroes

PAX South Preview: Has-Been Heroes Tackles Lane-Based Strategy

Developer: Frozenbyte Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch Release: March 28, 2017 Despite gaming’s large and often confusing list of genres and sub-genres, Has-Been Heroes is a tricky game to peg. It notably draws...Read More

PAX South Preview: Earthfall Could Be Left 4 Dead 3 With Aliens

Developer: HoloSpark Platforms: Steam PC, PS4, XBO Release: Early 2017 (Steam Early Access) PAX South 2017 featured gigantic alien statues beckoning newcomers to check out HoloSpark’s upcoming cooperative first-person shooter Earthfall. Earthfall draws...Read More
PAX South 2017

PAX South: Hands-On with Nintendo Switch, Zelda, Splatoon

Nintendo was in full force at PAX South last weekend. A large, permanently crowded booth stood near the front of the show floor. You could wait in line for hours...Read More
the legend of zelda: breath of the wild

30 Games to Get Excited About in 2017

Every year is seemingly the best game ever for gaming. But 2017 will give us a new Mass Effect, new Zelda, and new Nintendo console with the Nintendo Switch. That’s...Read More