Ranking the E3 2017 Press Conferences

It’s a pompous, yet time-honored tradition to grade each publisher’s E3 press conference. Companies go through an interesting cycle every year where some have exciting new game announcements or console...Read More

Pixelkin E3 2017 Complete Coverage

EA Play Saturday, June 10 Electronic Arts’ EA Play media show spent the majority of its conference on Star Wars Battlefront II, including showing off a full 20v20 multiplayer match....Read More

We Have Reached a Golden Age of Space Strategy Games

Not long ago the strategy genre was struggling when it came to the final frontier. Fans of endlessly replayable strategy games and galactic empires frequently cite 1996’s Master of Orion II...Read More

planet nomads

Survival with a Sci-Fi Twist: Planet Nomads Early Access Preview

Craneballs Studio’s first foray into PC development, Planet Nomads, is riding the waves of popularity that sandbox games have garnered over the last several years.Read More

TEALS Uses Tech Volunteers, Video Games to Teach Computer Science

Computer Science is a vastly under served industry. Given how interconnected technology has become, all industries are looking at the next generation of workers to be well versed in Computer...Read More

SNES classic edition

Which 30 Games Should Be On the SNES Classic Edition?

While we patiently wait for Nintendo to confirm and announce the SNES Classic Edition retro console we can have a bit of fun speculating on which games it should include....Read More

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda: Criticism, Cruelty, and the Shadow of the Trilogy

No other game series defined a generation as completely as Mass Effect. Developed from the ground up as a trilogy, the Mass Effect series told the story of one space-faring...Read More

PAX South Preview: Hyper Universe Could Be The Next Big MOBA

Developer: Cwavesoft Platforms: PC Release: TBA Hyper Universe took up a sizable portion of the show floor at PAX South 2017. After playing the game it more than earned its prominent spot at the...Read More