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Tomb Raider Writer Rhianna Pratchett Moving On From Series

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Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics announced that new reboot writer Rhianna Pratchett will be moving on from the now two-game series.

“Rhianna was instrumental in helping us find Lara’s voice in the 2013 origin story,” writes Crystal Dynamics. “And through Rise of the Tomb Raider she shaped Lara into the evolving heroine we know today. The entire team thanks Rhianna for her dedication and tireless efforts on the games.”

Pratchett took to twitter to express her own heartfelt thanks with the amicable split.

The recently rebooted series have received very favorable reviews. One of gaming’s most famous characters was re-imagined as a more realistic and gritty action heroine rather than a blow-up doll with guns. The sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, continued the same superior writing and gameplay. It was released as an Xbox exclusive in 2015 before coming to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in 2016.

For her work on Rise of the Tomb Raider, Pratchett won Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing from the Writer’s Guild of America Awards in 2016.

While her work on Tomb Raider has been her biggest yet, Pratchett has been quietly working as a writer in the video game industry for far longer than that. Her writing credits include Prince of Persia, Mirror’s Edge, and the Overlord series.

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The Last Guardian Review

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Available on PlayStation 4

After years and years of being stuck in development purgatory, The Last Guardian has finally hit the PS4s of everyone who is still willing to give it a chance. And as many expected, Fumita Ueda’s latest creation will be a big point of contention for the gaming industry.It’s filled with gorgeous moments between Trico and the nameless boy as well as stunning environments filled with color, but major issues with controls, camera movement, and AI put a real damper on all the fun.

The Story

Everything in The Last Guardian revolves around the relationship between a nameless boy and a giant griffin-like creature named Trico. It’s amazing to see that bond grow throughout the course of the adventure, and the last stretch of the game is one of my favorite experiences in gaming this year.

Much like Ueda’s other games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, the overall story has a lot that is left to interpretation. Whether or not you’ll like what that sort of experience depends on what kind of narrative structure you typically enjoy, but I’d recommend the game based off the bond between the two characters alone.

What stands out is the particularly cinematic moments that leave flashes of brilliance throughout the game.Trico saving you a split second before a bridge collapses beneath your feet is just one of many moments that keeps The Last Guardian exciting.

the last guardian

The Gameplay

Puzzles and platforming take center stage as you navigate various temples and lush environments. You’ll need to do things like guide Trico toward a wall with stain glass windows so that he can destroy them. And that’s one of the most promising and frustrating parts of the experience. All throughout the game, you’re powerless.

You need Trico for almost everything, and it feels really good to develop a partnership with this giant beast. Getting past a rather challenging puzzle by instructing Trico or leading the various enemies you encounter to Trico leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. But Trico is also the reason why some of those puzzles are challenging, the commands you have don’t always register with Trico. Sometimes he’ll be facing the wrong way or unwilling to go to the exact spot you need him in. It creates some rather frustrating moments that really hurt the game’s flow.

The Rating

The ESRB slapped a Teen rating on this cooperative expedition due to some fantasy violence and blood, but there isn’t much to be wary of for younger players. I’d recommend playing this game with your kid if they’re even if they’re on the younger side.


In the end, I really enjoyed The Last Guardian. It placed itself among other strong narrative focused games that came out this year. But if you’re on a budget, Ueda’s latest creation isn’t the first game I’d recommend you spend your money on, especially if you’re a stickler for tight controls and intelligent AI.


Earn Free Winter Loot Boxes by Logging into Overwatch

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If you’ve lapsed, or haven’t yet tried one of the biggest games of the year, now is a lucrative time to jump in. To further celebrate their Winter Event, Overwatch is giving out five free Winter Loot Boxes, just for logging in. You’ll have to do it before January 2nd, when the Winter Event ends.

The Winter Loot Boxes contain special unique loot that’s only available during the Winter Event. This includes unique new Winter and Holiday-themed skins for many characters. These skins, as always, are among the rarest loot.

Overwatch is also on sale right now, both digitally via Battle.net Shop and physically at Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy. It’s discounted to $29.99, while the Origins Edition is $39.99. The Origins Edition is useful for fans of other Blizzard games, as it comes with a collection of digital goodies such as a Hearthstone Overwatch card back and a Baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft. It also includes five unique skins for Overwatch characters.

The Winter Event is the third Seasonal Event that Blizzard has run this year. Events include new loot and new Arcade mini-games. The Winter Event presents Mei’s Snowball Offensive, in which everyone plays Mei and hurls snowballs at each other.

Blizzard’s hero shooter has enjoyed widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. Overwatch has earned numerous Game of the Year accolades from prominent gaming sites, including here at Pixelkin. Stephen called it “a brilliantly designed game that is possessed of a level of polish that is rarely seen in games today.”