Fire Emblem Heroes 2.0 Update Adds New Story Chapters, Heroes

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Mobile spin-off Fire Emblem Heroes was recently updated to version 2.0. The large update comes with new content and features, including new story chapters and a free, unlockable legendary hero.

Fire Emblem Heroes 2.0 adds the next set of story chapters to Fire Emblem Heroes in Book 2. The story centers around Legendary Hero Fjorm, princess of Nifli, Kingdom of Ice. She’s embroiled in a war with Surtr’s Kingdom of Flame, Muspell. It’s a song of ice and fire, if you will.

You can unlock Fjorm for your team upon completing Chapter 1: Part 5. You don’t need to have beaten Book 1 in order to access the chapters in Book 2.

Along with Legendary Heroes come new elemental Blessings. Blessings come in four flavors, just like the new Legendary Heroes: Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire. When you gain a Legendary Hero you also gain their corresponding Blessing, which can be assigned to a hero. Blessings double SP earned in battle, and also boost that hero’s stats during that element’s season.

The seasons (same as arena seasons) will now include two rotating elements. Blessings assigned to heroes cannot be removed but can be replaced.

Fire Emblem Heroes 2.0 also adds the Weapon Refinery. The Weapon Refinery is unlocked after completing Chapter 13 and the Intermission chapter The Rite of Blades. It’s a new feature found under the Advanced Growth section. It lets you create higher-level weapon skills by spending arena medals, refining stones, or divine dew.

Other updates include larger barracks and arena adjustments. See the full patch notes for 2.0 here.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android devices. It’s rated T for Teen.

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