Tune In To Heroes of the Dorm Championship This Weekend

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heroes of the dorm

This Saturday, April 8, the four best teams from the North American collegiate tournament Heroes of the Dorm will face off in the championship. The four teams will travel to the University of Nevada and play live in front of a crowd of hundreds of fans. If you’re not jetting out to Las Vegas, you can watch the action live via Facebook. The Heroic Four begins at 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern.

From the initial pool of 200, then a giant 64-team bracket, four teams have emerged. UT Arlington is favored to win it all as the best college team in the country. They made it all the way to the championship last year, only to lose to Arizona State. They are the only team in the Heroic Four still undefeated in qualifying matches and the tournament.

The other three teams are new to the Heroic Four: LSU, UC Irvine, and Kentucky. UC Irvine and LSU are number 1 and 2 seeds from their groups respectively. The University of California at Irvine was one of the first colleges to build a scholarship program around esports. Kentucky is the plucky underdog as a #13 seed, with only 1.69% of brackets predicting the team to win the championship.

Fun fact: The Kentucky team is made up entirely of two families, two sets of three brothers!

The Heroic Four will pit LSU against Kentucky, and UTA against UCI. The Heroic Four matches will continue the Best of 3 tournament style. The Grand Finals will air directly afterward between the last two remaining teams and will be a Best of 5 match.

I may be slightly biased as UTA is my wife’s alma mater but GO UTA!

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